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JGS-01 Ionian Forms

While it’s important know the licks that top players use, it’s paramount to know the scales, arpeggios and chords that these great players are using. Jazz Guitar School’s courses JGS-01 – JGS-05 will take you through five of the most important scales, arpeggios and chords for the aspiring Jazz Guitarist. Each scale, arpeggio and chord is presented in 5 positions also know as, ‘Forms’. Musicianship and practical application will be covered via the Jazz Guitar Vlog. Backing tracks are provided by Real Book Jazz Tracks.

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By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Play Ionian/Major scales, arpeggios and chords in five positions
  • Negotiate Standard Notation, Key Signatures*
  • Start soloing over the whole fretboard*
  • Read melodies from The Real Book*
  • Read chord changes from The Real Book*
*Assuming you also master Jazz Guitar Vlogs #1-3



Course Curriculum

Survival Skills
JGS-01 Survival Skills
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Form 1
JGS-01 Form 1
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Form 2
JGS-01 Form 2
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Form 3
JGS-01 Form 3
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Form 4
JGS-01 Form 4
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Form 5
JGS-01 Form 5
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Final Quiz
JGS-01 Final Quiz
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07

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