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Welcome to Jazz Guitar School!

Jazz Guitar School(JGS) operated from 2011-2016 as a completely free open educational resource with over 5,000 participants over a five year period. The goal of 100 JGS graduates more than doubled with over 250 successful program graduates and five open education publications, Jazz Guitar School Volumes 1 - 5.

Why is JGS archived?
JGS was created, produced and maintained by Jonathan Barrios and the project is still very much alive and in development. The current plan is to re-tool JGS as a Machine Learning chatbot using conversational computing to serve up everything you want to know about Jazz Guitar in a conversational style.

View the demo video Jazz Guitar School: Video Tour 2016

Feel free to download books anytime:

Harmony Link
Ionian Jazz Guitar School Vol 1
Mixolydian Jazz Guitar School Vol 2
Dorian Jazz Guitar School Vol 3
Aeolian Jazz Guitar School Vol 4
Locrian Jazz Guitar School Vol 5

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View the demo video Jazz Guitar School: Video Tour 2016