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JGS-05 Locrian/Minor

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JGS-05 Locrian/Minor

The ‘Locrian’ mode may be considered a minor scale with the second and fifth scale degrees lowered a half step (1 fret). The Locrian mode may also be considered to be a scale beginning on the seventh scale degree of any Ionian, or major scale. Work that out on the guitar before you proceed. The Locrian mode has the formula 1, ♭2, ♭3, 4, ♭5, ♭6, ♭7. Its tonic chord is a diminished triad (Bdim in the Locrian mode of the diatonic scale corresponding to C major). The Locrian mode is the only mode in which the tonic triad is a diminished chord and considered dissonant. Try playing it on the piano and you will see what is meant by dissonant.

In this course:

  • Locrian/Minor scales, arpeggios and chords in five positions
  • Two full octaves per position