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JGS-02 Mixolydian/Dominant

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JGS-02 Mixolydian/Dominant

The Mixolydian mode is sometimes called ‘Dominant’ because it is the mode built on the fifth degree (Dominant) of the Major (Ionian) scale. Sound confusing? Let’s break it down: The difference between the Major (Ionian) scales, arpeggios and chords you mastered in JGS-01 and the Mixolydian (Dominant) scales, arpeggios and chords is just one note. Like the JGS-01 course, musicianship and practical application will be covered and backing tracks are 100% Free with zero advertising!

In this course:

  • Mixolydian/Dominant scales, arpeggios and chords in five positions
  • Two full octaves per position