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Welcome to Jazz Guitar School!

Jazz Guitar School(JGS) operated from 2011-2016 as a completely free open educational resource with over 5,000 participants over a five year period. The goal of 100 JGS graduates more than doubled with over 250 successful program graduates and five open education publications, Jazz Guitar School Volumes 1 - 5.

Why is JGS archived?
JGS was created, produced and maintained by one person and the project grew beyond the scope of what one person could do. The current plan is to re-tool JGS as Machine Learning(AI) software to take JGS to the next level. Do not worry, while calling it Terminator Jazz Guitar sounds cool, it will still be all about Jazz Guitar and will retain the name, Jazz Guitar School.

Feel free to download books anytime:

Harmony Link
Ionian Jazz Guitar School Vol 1
Mixolydian Jazz Guitar School Vol 2
Dorian Jazz Guitar School Vol 3
Aeolian Jazz Guitar School Vol 4
Locrian Jazz Guitar School Vol 5

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You can view Jazz Guitar School books interactively on the archived site however registration is disabled. Questions? Email us: bebop@jazzguitar.school